In the Beginning
July 27, 2009

I’m still shaken from today.

We went to Kyoto and toured several of the Buddhist temples there. Some might ask why there is such a systemic resistance to the gospel in Japan and I think today we saw where it all began. The deception by our enemy here goes back to the early days of this country and its people.

We walked through incredible monuments to the abilities of the Japanese. Architecture so precise that even after hundreds and hundreds of years, it still stands solid and stunningly beautiful. It is so distracting that you can miss the deception…almost.

Gold covered Buddhas cannot hide the fact that these people have believed a lie for centuries that somehow this small “g” god and all of his smaller “g” gods will somehow bring them fulfillment and prosperity in their lives.   Even today, though many say that their interest in this religion is simply historical, I saw with my own eyes that this is not true.

Hundreds, if not thousands of prayer notes tied to posts so that the “gods” could come down at night to read them say differently. Incense being burned to accomodate prayers prayed by worshippers gave a different testimony. Gifts left by corporations for the “gods” (usually expensive bottles of Saki) sit untouched and indicate that even the elite of this nation aren’t so sure they ae ready to release their tradition beliefs.

The beginning of something always plays a strong role in the things that follow.  In the beginning of Japan, leaders who were heavily influenced by demonic powers installed a religious system which would dominate the collective thinking of a nation until even today.  Gold covered ears that cannot hear the cries of a desperate people are still subject to the voices of continuing generations made desperate by fear and hopelessness.

Here is our message for them, “In the beginning, God…” It’s time for a new beginning for Japan. Pray for your team to clearly point these beautiful people to the God who hears, and cares and comes to rescue them from their desperation. The One, True, God!