A New Friend

I had the privilege of being taken on a side tour yesterday. One of the M’s here named Bob showed me the area of town where Grayden and Shiona will be living and ministering to when they arrive here next year. I had been looking forward to that and it was even better than I anticipated.

First of all, I was reminded of what good care our IMB takes of our missionaries (M’s). There is nothing opulent about the apartment my children will live in but it is very nice, in a beautiful building.  I’ve got pictures!

The highlight of the morning, though, was a bible study I was able to attend with a Japanese believer, Imo san (forgive my spelling).  Bob introduced us and amost immediately I sensed the complete sincerity of this gentleman and His faith. He is limited in his english (not nearly so much as I am in my Japanese!) but his hunger to know God through His word is clearly evident.

Bob included me in the study by interpreting much of what was being said, but even when Imo san spoke words that I had no hope of understanding, somehow I got it! I think  it was the Holy Spirit gracing me through this devout, generous man.

I am grasped by this place and these people. God is at work and we must pray, and encourage and come to join him where He is working.


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