From Pastor Mark

I can’t believe we are now in our third day here is Osaka. Two nights at the festival have resulted in so many thoughts that it will take a long time to unwind. Suffice it to say that the work here for our missionaries is overwhelming, yet they are some of the most faithful people I have ever met.

We had  great receptivity at the first night of the festival, but that was not the case last night. It was frustrating to watch person after person walk by us without any notice. Still, God gave me the opportunity to speak with two young men, a young couple, and an older gentleman. The last fellow was interested in the fact that we would come to Osaka to meet people like him. He asked why and I told him that we want people in Japan to know about what the bible teaches us.

His next two questions were powerful. “What does the bible teach?” My reply was that it teaches us the truth. “What is the truth?” My reply was that the Truth is a person, Jesus Christ and that he shows us how we can live a full life in a relationship with our Father, God.

He went off to think about this and later spoke to Nathan. Pray for this man. I cannot tell you his name, but his face is indelibly burned in my memory.

The team is doing such a wonderful job here. My love for them grows every day. I see a transformation happening and I’m reminded that God doesn’t just work through us, He first works in us. Thank You Lord for your faithfulness!

Off to worship at the Seelen’s house. I don”t know if I’ve said this but, I really like these guys!


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  1. We are praying for you daily! Bless you all. Keep in mind that you plant seeds every day. The people you talk to will have those seeds for ever and even if the seeds don’t germinate until that person takes their last breath you have done God’s work! We are so proud of you all. Pastor Mark is so right that the work may be as much in you as in those you speak to. Love ya!

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