Tired, But Excited

This is Kelly. This trip has been pretty amazing. It got interesting pretty much right when we got off the plane in Osaka and found out we couldn`t exchange our money there. But you know that we got that figured out, thank goodness.

Right when we got at the hotel and setteled in the first night, figuring out how to turn on the air conditioner, and learning how to use the toilet, (most of he directions were in kanji), I began writing in my notebook right away. One of the things I wrote was about when we were in the train station trying to get an ecoca card for the trains and subway (it`s like a pass, but you put credit on it as you use it) Charlie, one of the missionaries we`re working with, was figuring out the ecoca cards for us. As we waited, fatigued from the 3 flights and holding our luggage, an elderly Japanese man came up to us and just started talking…in japanese of course! We only undertood 2 words from him…Ichiro and Matsui! LOL! It was amazing! We couldn`t understand a word he was saying, neither did he from us. But none the less, he kept on talking. I didn`t know whether to cry or laugh. I actually did both. It was totally unexpected.

But seriously, we`re gonna be attractive to the Japanese simply because we`re caucasian. I hope that we would continue to attract them, but not because of us, but because of the light of Christ that shines through us.

Yesterday, we did 5-minute English where we were stading at a festival and asked people if they wanted to learn or practice the English they already knew. Two different people I remember. An elderly couple said they were Buddhist and had lived in California for 4 years. Another was about in his 20`s, and I asked him about his beliefs. He said that his family is Buddhist and Shinto, but he himself does not believe. Rather, he said he believes in destiny and fate. Just so you know, these conversations were not in fluent english, but still understandable. I just thought it was interesting to listen and converse with the japanese face to face.

Today we prayer walked around an area where the festival will continue with fireworks and boats. Tonight we will be witnessing to more. Please pray that we would be fruitful in our efforts and that the hearts of the Japanese people would be soft to listen and recieve His word. The Japanese are DEEPLY rooted in idol worship and this has been a spiritual stronghold since the 1600`s. They have been and are very hard to recieve the Gospel. Please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you so much for reading. I must go rest before we leave to the festival. Lots of walking you know! Talk to you later!


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  1. Good to finally hear from you. So happy things are going great with plenty of opportunities to share Jesus. Bask in the joy only Jesus can bring and others will see it shining through you!

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