Day 1: July 23rd, 9:00 pm JST

This post will be very short.  We just wanted everyone to know that we are safely at our hotel in Osaka.  We’ve run into a few minor issues along the way… it seems Osaka’s airports are all domestic travel only, so they don’t do currency conversion.  But we were able to work things out, and will be converting money tomorrow morning.  We also had a nice conversation with a slightly inebriated older Japenese gentleman, who was able to find common ground by mentioning Ichiro.  Sadly, he seemed to think Ichiro played for Boston.

Well, as it is 5am on the other side of the ocean, jetlag will soon claim me as it has the rest of the group.  I managed to sleep more than most on the plane, but there is only so much you can trick your internal clock.

Prayer requests: Please pray that everything goes smoothly with the money exchange, and purchasing supplies.  And most importantly, pray for us as we start ministry tomorrow!  We appreciate the prayers so far, thank you all!

P.S. For those of you that commented before, you may have noticed that they didn’t show up.  Comments are now set to be automatically approved, so please comment away!


3 Responses

  1. Great to hear that the trip went off without much of a hitch! Apparently the airport in Osaka that Shiona thought exchanged currency was the Kansai airport, not Itami (the one you guys flew into)… oops :). Last I checked the exchange rate was more in Japan’s favor (1USD to .945JPY). Anyway, Shiona and I just wanted to let you know that we’re following the blog and look forward to your next update– hopefully with pictures ’cause we like pictures… Have fun at the festival tonight and try some of the festival food. You won’t regret it… hopefully.

    • Oh, we got the money worked out. Charlie and Teresa were surprised there was nowhere to exchange at the airport. According to the lady at the info desk, none of the Osaka airports do currency exchange… of course, we aren’t sure that something wasn’t lost in the translation 🙂 – Nathaniel

  2. Thankful for safe travel!
    May the seeds you plant produce much fruit.
    Blessings to you all.

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