Day 1: July 22nd, 12:07 pm PDT

Sunset View Baptist Church’s mission trip to Osaka, Japan is officially under way.  For those of you who do not know, our group is composed of Pastor Mark, Any, Nick, Kelly, Kristen, Jeff and Nathaniel.  We are traveling to Japan in order to share the Gospel with the people Osaka.  Many people don’t realize how unreached Japan really is.  Less than half of one percent of the population knows Christ.

Our travel plans began with driving from the Tri-Cities, WA to Seattle, WA where we stayed the night.  This morning we boarded a flight to Vancouver.  This is where we are currently located, waiting to board our next flight.  Andy was confused as to why we didn’t just drive directly to Vancouver, until we informed him that it was Vancouver, British Columbia, and not Vancouver, Washington.

We are about to board our flight to Toyko, Japan.  From there we take a short flight to our final destination of Osaka.  The antipation is great, and we are all excited for the trip.  For some of us it is our first time out of the country.  Others haven’t gone farther than Canada or Mexico.  But we all know that seeing a new land and experience new things is not our main goal.  This is an an amazing opportunity to share with a nation that is vastly unaquainted with the love of Christ.

Prayer requests: Please pray for safe travel as we fly to Japan.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for keeping us up with the team’s travels. This blog will go to church tonight for concerted prayer. It will also go out to our SVBCers by email.
    Blessings to everyone! Stay well!

  2. We are praying for you all to have a safe trip and hope you have a relaxing flight. Can’t wait to hear about the wonderful things God has in store for you as well as the Japanese people. Don’t let Kelly get too talkative as she can dominate a conversation quickly! Just kidding!!! She’s a great travel companion. Keep us updated!

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